This is an overview of my varied personal interests and activities, past, and present.


Diver under ice
Diving under ice

SCUBA diving has been fun for me since 1990 (193 dives). As an Assistant Instructor (PADI #237933), I also help teach new divers. Additionally, TDI technical diving certifications qualify me to dive to the depth of 150 feet. Read More


Skiing, one of the most enjoyable activities.
Skiing in untracked snow

Colorado is a skier’s dream with its 26 ski resorts and the ski season that lasts from October till June. My favorite resorts are Copper, Winter Park, Mary Jane, Breckenridge, Arapahoe Basin, Vail, and Loveland. Read More

Hiking and Camping

View from a hike

These activities are so universally popular because they offer something for everybody: young and old, fit and feeble, rich and poor. They are fun that is also good for you. Try it! You can start from a walk in the woods and build up to a mountaineering expedition if desired.

Living in Colorado’s Front Range, where the mountains begin literally in the backyard, it’s hard to ignore the great outdoors. Read More

Distance Running

Slacker 2011
Half-marathon poster

Running is an inexpensive, but unbelievably exhilarating activity. For example, the famous “runner’s high” (the feeling of euphoria caused by endorphins released by your body) is real! Therefore, it is never too late to start and experience it. Read More


My bookshelf

Books have always interested and fascinated me. In fact, I like everything about them: reading, browsing, buying and collecting. Firstly,  you can never have too many books. Over time, I have assembled a library of over 1,600 books. Read More


Glider pilot in cabin
Ready for a flight

I have been a private pilot since 1990 and I am still flying, despite money and time constraints. In other words, once the aviation “bug” bites you, it stays in your blood forever. Read More