SCUBA Diving is Amazing!  If you have not done it yet, try it. You will not regret. because SCUBA is your ticket into a strange and beautiful world! I, for one, have been diving for over 20 years (218 logged dives) and still do not have enough.

PADI Certification and Teaching

SCUBA Diver on the boat

I hold Assistant Instructor certification (PADI #237933) with Nitrox and Ice specialties. I help teach new SCUBA divers. Also, I recently become the Early First Responder (EFR) Instructor.


Panama Pacific Coast

Diver fighting current

My one-day SCUBA diving trip to Coiba National Park was organized by Coiba Dive Center S.A. It included three boat dives in the outlying Contreras Archipelago. Wicked current and encounters with some big fish marked the experience. Additionally, a long boat rides each way (distance 40 miles) made for a long day. Finally, the lunch on a beach of an uninhabited island completed the experience.

SCUBA Diving In The Caribbean


The Caribbean Sea offers many advantages to a SCUBA diver. Firstly: warm water,  secondly: excellent underwater visibility and pristine beaches, and lastly: reefs teeming with tropical marine life. As a result, all my recent diving vacations have been spent there.


SCUBA diver hovering

Yeah, mon! The year 2010 saw me diving off the northern coast of Jamaica. The diving around Ocho Rios was shallow, lazy and relaxing. Besides a big turtle, I saw eagle rays, eels, crabs, and lobsters. The water was warm, and the reefs were beautiful.


Eagle Ray

Bonaire is a small island off the coast of Venezuela. It is known for its reef conservation efforts. It also offers fantastic beach diving. Because the deep water dropoff is very close to the shore, the reef is easily accessible. It is almost like a boat dive: just jump in! There is also an abundance of sea creatures.

Technical Diving

SCUBA Technical Diver

This form of scuba diving exceeds the scope of recreational diving. Not only it adds greater depths, decompression, multiple gas mixes (nitrox and trimix), but also it requires special equipment and training. There is less margin for error, therefore it is considered higher risk. I hold two technical diving certifications by Technical Diving International (TDI). These are Decompression Procedures and Advanced Nitrox, which qualify me for decompression dives to 150 feet.

Diving Under Ice

SCUBA diver under ice

In February 2008 I signed up for an under-ice diving trip. The dive was in Twin Lakes, Colorado. It certainly was an unforgettable adventure. It is like nothing you have ever experienced before unless you are a polar bear.

SCUBA Equipment Corner

Galileo Luna dive computer

The dive computer makes diving easier and safer. My dive computer is the Galileo Luna by ScubaPro UWATEC. It was one of the best dive computers on the market when I purchased it. What I like most is its well-designed screen. It shows only the information you need and nothing more. This is not so easy to do, because this crucial information changes depending on circumstances of dive, yet this gizmo has an uncanny ability to figure it out correctly.


SCUBA Documents and Certificates (Private)