Hiking and camping are so universally popular because they offer something for everybody: young and old, fit and feeble, rich and poor. They are fun that is also good for you. Try it! You can start from a walk in the woods and build up to a mountaineering expedition if desired.

Austrian Alps

Untersberg Mountain
View from Untersberg

The Untersberg (6,473 ft) is an alpine mountain towering over the Salzburg Basin.  Its proximity to Salzburg and convenient access by city bus makes for a simple and enjoyable day hike. The trail is wide and comfortable but climbs relentlessly. Additionally, watching a helicopter resupply of the mountain hut was an unexpected attraction.

Volcano Baru, Panama

Baru Crater
Volcano Baru crater

Volcán Barú (11,398 ft) is the highest mountain in Panama. On a clear day, you can see from it the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean at the same time. (Clouds prevented me from verifying this claim.) You can reach the peak by a four-wheel drive or through a strenuous hike. Fun fact: it is an active (but dormant) volcano.

Hiking in Colorado

Relaxing in the mountains
Time to relax…

For those who live in the Colorado Front Range, the mountains begin literally in their backyard. Due to the variety of terrain, there are countless opportunities for hiking, camping, running, and biking.

Colorado’s Fourteeners: 54 peaks in Colorado Rockies are higher than 14,000 feet. These Fourteeners are very popular. They are visited by over half a million people each season!



Heavy snow cover will not stop a determined hiker. If you try snowshoeing once, you may never look back. But boy it is hard work! The picture was taken in Colorado near Boreas Pass.


Tent under snow
Unexpected happens!

The primary reason for camping is to enjoy nature without modern distractions. Firstly, your enjoyment depends on proper camping gear and preparation. Secondly, it doesn’t always work as planned.. (see photo)